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Millow winding system

Millow winding system

We arrive tired from a long day of travel (pleasure or work) and what we like the least when we get to the hotel is not being able to rest even a little and be ready for what awaits us the next day. Most of these problems are caused by the hotel pillow, a sad pillow, sometimes dirty or so we may think, hollow, too soft or too hard, does not fit us because it is not like the one at home ... and this can ruin our travel plans, business or our entire vacation.

Khama, a leading company in the rest sector, set us a challenge: to be able to enjoy our own pillow from home anywhere. The main drawback is that taking our pillow, the one we have in our bed, is practically impossible because it takes up the space of the suitcase almost entirely and how do we take it with us? That's why Onceb, as a product and packaging design studio, has to find a solution.

In Onceb we propose a design and development of a packaging that at the same time works as a rolling system and compresses the size of the pillow. The system consists of a cover that hugs the entire pillow without the need to exert much force and without any difficulty (also thanks to the design of the Khama perforated pillow), we managed to roll it up compressing its size by up to 80%, going from a pillow size of 33 x 70 cm to a roll of just 33 x 14 cm.

In addition we incorporate an adjustable strap that we can use to carry it hanging, hand or even tie it to our suitcase or backpack occupying the same space as a water bottle. It works as a packaging, protection and transport system at the same time.

Finally, no more not sleeping well away from home. We have Millow, the pillow that goes with you. Millow is not a travel pillow, it is the pillow of your home, the one that is with you day and night and now goes wherever you go.

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Millow is a real project that you can buy in stores, for this we also designed a series of customized POS (point of sale advertising), to provide the product with brand image and making it more attractive to the consumer, building a perceptive experience that invites them to participate, approaching and making them feel intrigued about the product to find out why Millow is more than just a pillow.