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Happy Singles' Day - MyOwn Toothbrush

Happy Singles' Day - MyOwn Toothbrush

Today 11 of 11 is the day of the single, and what is so special about this day? Being single has many benefits. You can go as you please around the house and you don't have to explain anything, but above all, nobody steals your toothbrush.

If you had a partner, they say that the first thing you take with you when you move is your toothbrush, we don't know if this is real or more of an urban legend, but if it were the case... What would happen if our partner had the same toothbrush as you? The typical generic toothbrush from the supermarket, austere, drab and characterless. This can lead to confusion and we know that toothbrushes are personal and non-transferable, as much as our personality.

And if we talk about singles, couples and sharing, we talk about MyOwn. A young project founded by an architect and designer with her husband, a Doctor Cum Laude in dentistry. An enterprising and enthusiastic couple, who think that we should give a solution to this problem and at the same time make our lives a little happier. Their main challenge was to create a toothbrush different from what we are used to seeing, one that is personal, that reflects your interests and emotions. But how? Onceb takes action! And as we say here, we transform challenges (and illusions) into solutions.

Creating a product that is already more than seen in a person's daily life... What would make it different? How could we create something that works just as well but gives it an extra of originality and personality?

The first step, as in any project, is to get information and not only about how a brush works, we think we have overcome this, even so it is not as easy as it seems. 

We bought a lot of brushes from many brands and analyzed them to see what was the common factor and why this product is so simple and works so well. A toothbrush is not a simple stick with bristles and that's it, a toothbrush is a world of certificates and quality. We are talking about a personal hygiene utensil, so we also have to know the regulations and materials and follow them to the letter.

With all the necessary knowledge for our design project, we started sketching and prototyping.

Finally we designed a product that, as it can not be otherwise, fulfills its main functions, it is clean and aesthetically attractive and it is possible to customize it with your own unique design, being able to provide MyOwn with a wide catalog of collections so you can choose the model or models that best represent you, whether you are single or have a partner.

At the same time it complies with all current regulations because it is printed and manufactured with high quality technology and materials prepared for the food industry, resistant and durable.

But we don't stop there, what's a toothbrush without its toothpaste? The perfect pair is also in MyOwn. We also took care of designing a tube of toothpaste with its different versions of flavors to complete the perfect kit.

All together with an incredible packaging in the form of a box that makes this project an exclusive experience of sensations.

MyOwn gets a complete pack of Onceb, product design, packaging design, physical POS and show signage through 3D renderings and a lot of graphic design for digital marketing actions.