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Bottle cooler

Ice-free cooling device for wine bottles
Client: Cavevinum
Bottle cooler Industrial design and product development



To design a wine bottle cooler similar to the traditional one, but that does not require ice and can be used in a table level restaurant environment without being oversized or uncomfortable to the customer's eye.


An electronic device, elegant and with the perfect size to hold a bottle of wine. Finished in different colors and high quality materials. The cooler is able to reduce the temperature of the wine to the desired optimum by means of a simple display where we can indicate the degrees.
In addition, it has an integrated battery that improves the effectiveness of the design, thus avoiding the cables that could disturb if we had it, for example in a restaurant, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor events.
Product design
Technical development
Production management
Bottle cooler
Bottle cooler
Bottle cooler
Bottle cooler
Bottle cooler