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Anti-Humidity inspired by nature

Anti-Humidity inspired by nature
Today, as Onceb's first project to showcase in terms of product design and development, we would like to present the Neopot. And what is the Neopot?

It is a project that was born out of the need to transform a crude product such as the classic anti-humidity system into a device capable of integrating into any space in our home or office without having to hide it.

Apart from proposing how to make an everyday object beautiful, our main challenge was to design a product, reaching this goal, but without penalizing its main function: controlling the humidity of the environment.

To achieve this, we are inspired by the visual capacity of plants to coexist and integrate with different spaces, in addition to their natural air-purifying properties. The union of these key properties make up the design of the Neopot.

Pero el Neopot no solo cumple su función principal de eliminar la humedad además de su función de fusionarse con el entorno, sino que también su sistema de recarga y vaciado de fluidos funcionan de manera óptima haciendo un producto ideal para el uso en nuestro día a día.

Podéis ver la página del proyecto en nuestra web aquí.